Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

I suppose there is no such thing as being able to have your Cake and eat it too. Actually now that I think about it, what does that phrase actually mean? If you have cake, you’re going to eat it. Really, think about it. The  whole point of having your cake is to eat it. What is there preventing you from eating this cake? Nothing. Clearly this cake was intended for you to partake in, eat, & enjoy. Typically cake is present at celebrations, this is usually indicative of achieving an accomplishment, reaching a milestone, or in some cases ending something- retiring from a job or moving on to a new home or state.

In reality, if you’re getting cake then you had best eat it. You worked for it, you earned it, and in the grand scheme of things you deserve it. Cake represents victory, triumph, success, accolades, and perseverance. Cake is a sweet treat. It isn’t something (most of us) have everyday, so when the opportunity arises that cake is served we need to indulge and be in the moment.

Some of the ideals of today are intended to make people feel as though cake should just be  given to everybody regardless of their work ethic, contributions, or patience. There are those that would argue that cake should be shared with people who had no bearing on one’s success, lent no support, or is far removed from the situations surrounding the cake. This is an ideal I disagree with. Not everyone gets cake. Not everyone accomplishes something that is worthy of a cake filled event. There are people, sadly, who will never know the satisfaction of getting a cake they strived for and overcame challenges to receive. Some proponents would say that it isn’t fair for some people to not get cake. The only way I agree with this statement is when somebody has worked for their cake, yet they go unrecognized and not properly celebrated. They don’t get the cake they so rightfully earned.

For all of you out there working, sacrificing, and studying in order to have your cake and eat it too, more power to you. Keep moving forward, keep pressing on, and never let anyone make you feel guilty when that cake is finally yours. In fact, have two pieces if you can because you never know when you’ll be able to savor another cake worthy occasion again.



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